Creative Technologies

CMD is an excellent example of an interdisciplinary study. This interdisciplinary nature is a constant factor within the whole study as communication issues and communication problems are too complex to be resolved by one single professional discipline. Creativity is hereby essential. Here creativity has the meaning of being able to apply imagination as well as lateral and critical thinking during the design and creation process, leading inevitably to added value. Innovation is therefore the result of the broad exploration of ideas, technologies and processes that come into play when people are involved in research, design, production, analysis and evaluation of products, services and systems. A CMD student must be capable of adapting design thinking and creativity, learning to understand new technologies, taking the lead, organising, implementing technology, checking and testing the end results. Interactive media should not be considered exclusively as technical tools. It is through adapting creative technology that interactive media becomes more innovative, business-orientated, cultural and interventional. Media can be designed with the ultimate goal of serving the welfare of the people, the digital Bauhaus approach. In the classic Bauhaus period, the focus was mainly aimed at the design of meaningful and useful (functional) products. Creative technologies make it possible to allow the disciplines of ‘technologies’, ‘design’, ‘business’ and ‘humanities’ to converge.