Field of work

At the moment, CMD specialists make their way into the creative industries, one of the nine economic top sectors. Other sectors are also gradually discovering the added value of CMD. CMD specialists are important for other sectors (crossovers) wherever (digital) technologies play a role, such as security, culture, the economy, education, and care and welfare. They are multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary trained higher education students who use technology in this rapidly changing world to translate the complex issues that surround them into innovative products and services that have meaning and value for society. Multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and international working apply in all sectors and their related fields, in a combination of research and creative application, thinking and doing. This requires people with competences such as the ability to cooperate with other disciplines, creative strengths, and innovative thinking and acting. In short: showing curiosity, investigating, researching, exploring and solving problems. Organisations in the creative industries work together with other industrial companies and social organisations. This is often in an international context. An international orientation is therefore essential for CMD students. Furthermore, it is important that they create a certain mind set for themselves: their future field of work will not be limited to the creative industries. They ought to develop their talents in order to work in the broad interdisciplinary spectrum of new, upcoming creative professions and, at the same time, they should acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for career perspectives within the creative industries and other business sectors.