The Core of Communication & Multimedia Design (CMD)

Communication & Multimedia Design is a multidisciplinary study at a higher educational level which is focused on the design and development of (online) communication services and products by using new (digital) technology and applying them in a creative manner. The aim is to contribute to the welfare of people in their daily lives, in their behaviour, and in their experience during the use of these products and services. The creative and people-orientated application of (digital) technology in the wider domain of (online) communication is central to this study. The students are prepared for a wide range of professional roles such as interaction designers, front-end developers, (visual) interface developers, transmedia storytellers and communication designers. They will find their way in the international creative industries (for example: full-time internet bureaus, creative business services, online media and communication bureaus, independent entrepreneurship, etc.), and other social and economic organisations. Application areas include all social (education, care), cultural and economic sectors as well as governmental services.