The professional image of CMD specialists

CMD specialists are designers. They research, devise, imagine and make meaningful (interactive) communication products, services and experiences. This involves the use of various research and design methods and technologies. CMD specialists create value (designs) that meet the wishes, requirements and characteristics of the users. The user is actively involved in the design process.
CMD specialists know how to combine different professional fields in the design process. They can deal with the various contexts of the stakeholders in a project. They initiate, organize the project and give direction in the design process, allowing them to keep an overview and to show an eye for detail. They get to the bottom of the assignment and immerse themselves in the question, the client, the user and the (operating) context. They dare to ask tricky questions, continue to question and remain critical. In doing so, they do not lose sight of the assignment. They know how to round things off within the set frameworks.
CMD specialists are creative in thinking of a solution and coming up with innovative and stimulating ideas. They are enterprising and show a proactive approach. They know how to make the client, their team and the users enthusiastic about their ideas and can justify the chosen solutions on the basis of theory and research. In doing so, they enter into a dialogue with the client, the team and the users. They continue to develop prototypes in order to bring their designs to life and to evaluate them.
CMD specialists are aware of the ‘wider context’: society, ethics, history and economic reality. They desire to be at the forefront of their profession and they are aware of the latest trends and developments. They also know how to assess these trends and developments, and can apply them in their work. They are aware of the consequences of their design decisions.